These are the people in charge of keeping our school running, of course with the help of many more.


Tom Pinkham -Executive DirectorThomas Pinkham – Executive director

Tom Pinkham has been gaining experience in administration of the LVA School since 2000. Tom is an experienced businessman with degrees in social studies as well as Liberal Arts. He is a member of TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) as well as the AFP (Association of Fundraising Professionals.)

David Landi - LVA School Assistant DirectorDavid Landi – Assistant Director

David Landi has been associated with LVA School since 2002. He has been a student, volunteer, teacher’s helper, monitor and for the past few years, assistant director. In that post, he oversees the daily operation of our school. He also provides all the artwork and design for our printed and on-line materials. Since then he has had different levels of involvement with our organization. He graduated with a bachelors degree from WESTCONN in 2008 and is currently pursuing a master’s degree

Lynn Pinkham - LVA School Office Manager Lynn Pinkham – Office Manager

Lynn takes care of every day business operations.

Harvey Center - LVA School Head TeacherHarvey Center – Head Teacher

Harvey has over 40 years professional teaching experience, including 7 years in Adult Education and ESL Harvey is responsible for curriculum evaluation and development, student placement and teacher and tutor training, placement and evaluation. He is a member of TESOL.

Teaching Staff:

LVA School Teacher - Adele AnessiAdele Annesi

Adele is a professor of writing and English who specializes in helping students of diverse backgrounds and proficiencies improve their writing skills. Also an award-winning writer and editor, Adele develops curricula and educational materials for writing and communications courses and workshops. She is a co-author of Now What? The Creative Writer’s Guide to Success After the MFA.

LVA School Teacher - Rafael GarciaRafael Garcia

Growing up in an immigrant household, Rafael knows first-hand how important mastery of English is for success in this country. He is one of our pro-bono instructors who enjoys teaching and working with his students to help them communicate in English with greater ease. When he is not teaching at LVA School, Rafael works as a marketing manager. He also enjoys time with family, gardening and the occasional Caipirinha.


Ask for information if you care about our cause and would like to join the staff.


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