Student Testimonials

Students’ success is the motivation for all our work here at LVA School. These are some testimonials that the alumni have sent us. You can see more on our Facebook page.

“The best place to learn English (and much more!) in the Danbury area!”

Maria, Russia

“LVA makes you feel at home even miles away from your country, teaching more than English and showing the true meaning of friendship.”

Lays, Brazil

“I owe LVA School for all the compliments I get for my English skills  Got knowledge, friends, wonderful impressions resulted in sweet memories of Summer 2008! Thank you so much! I miss you…”

Lena, Russia

“Great school to learn English. Teachers are the best.”

Carla, Peru

“The best place to learn English, make new friends and have fun with the crew.”

Saul, Ecuador

“LVA School has a good team, good way to work! Thank you Mr. Harvey, David, George, Jurgita and other teachers! I am very happy learning English with you guys.”

Felipe, Brazil

“The experience was amazing! Everyone at school was very nice to me. They were always ready to help me and answer my questions, even the trivial ones!”

Barbara, Brazil

“I dedicated myself to my goal. I have been fighting. I have been struggling for my rights, as I learned this virtue, a key point to success, at LVA School.”

Anita, Kosovo

“It is not only a school, it’s the education you can’t miss on your way to the American dream.”

Jing, China

“I will always be thankful because you gave me the key that opened my mind and shifted my life with the belief that I can make it.”

Delfa, Ecuador

“I just have to say thanks LVA School, for helping me reach my goals!”

Gustavo, Argentina