We Need Your Support

LVA School is a non-profit English school working in the Danbury area. We have been here since 1978 always focusing on improving education.

This is why we need your help

The “GAP”

We fill the “gap” that immigrants often experience between the education they have and the education they need to succeed.

Many immigrants are highly educated people that settle for mindless jobs because of the language barrier. Furthermore, some know enough English to get by, but they have not found an educational program that can help them reach the next level.

Our program is successful because it speaks directly to the need of the immigrant community. It is a challenging program because it is of the highest quality.

Workforce needs

The need for educated workers has been growing in this area. In 2005, the local Workforce Board produced a report, stating that the fastest growing areas of employment would be in health care and retail work, with jobs such as manufacturing declining in the area. According to the report 50% of local workers are currently employed in “knowledge jobs” – and the trend is growing.

A Connecticut Post article several years ago by Christopher Bruhl, president and chief executive officer of the Business Council of Fairfield County, pointed out a coming need – for white collar workers to replace the retiring Faifield County workers. All of these jobs require a minimum of a high school diploma. Post-Secondary training would be even more desirable.

The most logical group to fill that need is the immigrant community. Many of them already have the necessary training and skills to fill those available positions. The hardest barrier they have to overcome is learning English. Here, at the LVA School, we educate them in language skills so prepared to succeed in school, training or business careers.

This benefits our community because…

  • Our graduates are better prepared to enter the workforce, reducing training costs for local businesses
  • Our students are able to perform better in college, reducing the need for remedial courses, therefore reducing wasted funds from federal financial aid programs

You can read our annual report here.

Here is how you can help


Your individual donations are a very important part of our annual budget. All your donations are invested in our community students to help them become contributing members of our society.

You can become one of our partners with your donations. Use the button below to donate using Paypal.

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Campaign to upgrade our computers and copier

We started a campaign to raise funds so that we can upgrade our computers and copier. Please, visit our campaign page and donate and/or share, even small donations help.
Sharing the campaign with your friends can also have a great impact. In fact, the more you share the greater the chances are to reach our goal.
We greatly appreciate your help.

Amazon Smile Program

An easier way to help is to choose us as your preferred organization in the Amazon Smile Program. A portion of the amount you spend will be donated to us. It is a simpler way to help that makes a big difference to us.

For larger donations contact the LVA School directly at (203) 792-8260.

Support the board of directors

There are many ways that individuals can support our Board of Directors. From time to time, they need help with fundraising, networking and/or advising.

If you think you are qualified to help, please call our office to find out what is available and how you can join our support group.

Volunteer practice partners

Some of our students don’t get the chance to use the skills they learn in class. You can help by becoming a practice partner if you are a native English speaker. We can set you up with one of our students to practice English. The level of commitment required is minimal, but there is some training involved.

Of course, the use of other languages is not allowed, so if you are looking for somebody to practice your skills in a foreign language, this program is not appropriate for you.

If you would like to become a practice partner, please call us at (203) 792-8260 to set up an appointment for an interview.